Travel theme: Clean

Photo challenge: it’s time for some spring cleaning!

Laundry service - Tsagaan Nuur, Mongolia

Laundry service – Tsagaan Nuur, Mongolia.

10 thoughts on “Travel theme: Clean

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  2. Love this photo, and everything about it. We have been considering Mongolia for many years…let’s see if we get there before it’s too late. Years are rolling by in a considerable pace…and we have only got one life on this earth – maybe. The transsiberian railway could have taken us there, but we flew to Tasjkent and Samarkand. Maybe in another life…

    "Mi piace"

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  4. What a great photo – it’s amazinf how clear the air is there – I noice it every time I see a phtot from mongolia. I like the way you composed this, it almost looks like a stage set, the way the objects are arranged.

    "Mi piace"


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