Arti di strada, circo contemporaneo e viaggi.

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  1. Complimenti per tutti questi viaggi! Ti invidio 🙂
    Io mi limito (a parte in Europa) ad andare in Tailandia (ci sono stato 5 volte) che è il paese di mia moglie, e non posso che consigliartela. Ovviamente non ora viste le inondazioni che hanno colpito pure Bangkok.

    "Mi piace"

  2. Hi Stefano, Your header is extraordinary! And your posts and pictures are amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog. It paved a way of discovering your wonderful work! Thanks for sharing.

    "Mi piace"

  3. Stefano, your comment on my post led me to you. What an extraordinary photographer you are. Seeing through your eyes the places you have travelled is an absolute delight. Studying your photos will not only teach me a great deal about cultures I likely will never have the opportunity to experience, but will also school me in how to make better photographic choices in my own photos. You have a new fan!

    "Mi piace"

      • Hello Stefano,
        Now we are going into winter. Winter is good for the north like Brome and the Kimberly. Spring is great for wildflowers and around Perth. The south is great in summer with beautiful seascape around Esperance. I’m speaking of Western Australia. The eastern state have about the same climate but it is much more humid and can get tropical. But whenever you are coming I’m sure you will shoot beautiful photos. It’s the eye, not the weather 🙂 The same as Christian says, you can shoot good pictures with all cameras, but a Phase One helps a lot 🙂

        "Mi piace"

          • Yes that’s right. Good thinking. And in Christians last blog post I have seen that he is blown away with the new Sigma for around 500 $ and want this compare with the Phase One. 🙂 Interesting but of course not fair but interesting. One thing is sure. Cameras getting cheaper and better every day like it was few years with Computers and still is. Keep saving for a trip down under, Emirates have now cheap flights from Europe especially from Switzerland thought.

            "Mi piace"


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